Sponge Guide

UNCW National Science Foundation Valdosta State University Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Observed Characteristics:


  • gray
  • yellow
  • green
  • pink-lilac
  • orange


  • encrusting


  • soft

Sample Locations:

  • Bahamas
  • United States

Pleraplysilla sp.

Notes: Thin, greenish to yellowish to orangy to pink soft crusts with characteristic raised oscular collars and exhalant canals. It becomes dark bue to purple upon exposure to air and in spirit. As as skeleton it appears to have only vertical, short, undivided fibers loaded with debris, ending in the sparse conules. However, it seems very similar to as yet unnamed genus and species of the family Ianthellidae of the order Verongida that Díaz et al. (2013) described from Panama, which does not have fibers. Detailed analysis of our material and comparison to the new Ianthellidae still needs to be carried out.