Sponge Guide

UNCW National Science Foundation Valdosta State University Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Observed Characteristics:


  • brown


  • branching


  • tough

Sample Locations:

  • Dominican Republic

Neopetrosia dominicana

Description: Transcribed from Pulitzer-Finali (1986): “A small fragment is available. The sponge was subcylindrical, 2.5-3 cm in diameter, Brown, firmly resilient, densely infested by a zoanthid. In the dry state it has the consistency of cork. Oscules are flush, sparse, 2 mm wide. At the surface the skeleton is a not separable reticulation of spicular tracts which form not quite distinct meshes 350 µm wide. Around the perforations made by the zoanthid there is a collar of spicules accumulated in confusion. The choanosomal reticulation of irregular tracts forming meshes of 500-700 µm is obscured by a large number of spicules in disorder. Spicules: strongyles slightly curved, measuring 140-260 x 5-14 µm. No distinct categories are recognizable.”

Notes: This record is here included thanks to having photos of the spicules and skeleton of the type. They were used to make comparisons with three species-morphs included here under the genus Amphimedon?, that share the same type of spicules, but a much looser skeletal arrangement. This species has not been reported after the original description and its status is in need to be defined.

Author Reference: (Pulitzer-Finali, 1986)


Link: World Porifera Database