Sponge Guide

UNCW National Science Foundation Valdosta State University Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Observed Characteristics:


  • orange


  • fan
  • lobate
  • massive


  • tough

Sample Locations:

  • Bahamas
  • United States

Agelas clathrodes

Notes: Orange, fan- or ridge-shaped, riddled with round and elongated-contorted holes. Often the surface which is cryptic or located downcurrent is smoother, having predominantly rounded orifices. Sometimes the fan conforms a partial vase. The outer, exposed side does not have round oscules with a dermis collar, as does Agelas sventres Lehnert & van Soest, 1996, pictured here, with which this species may be confused. The latter fills crevices and forms lobes but never fans. Large specimens can adopt an elaborate shape combining fan, encrusted, massive and tube-like portions. Fan-shaped specimens may be confused with Agelas citrina Alcolado, 1987. Where they co-exist, usually A. citrina has a different color, either more milky orange-yellow or pinkish. Spicules are acanthostyles.

Author Reference: (Schmidt, 1870)


Link: World Porifera Database